Artisan Shears

$34.99 USD

Inspired by old-world Japanese design, the Artisan Pruning Shears and Artisan Trimming Shears support a wide range of horticultural needs. Expect durability and comfort for hours of work outdoors. Intentionally designed to facilitate precision work, the rounded handles of the Pruning Shears provide extra leverage for larger tasks while the deep-reaching Trimming Shears make quick work of more nimble or delicate projects. Ambidextrous handles. Water- and rust-resistant.

• 2" blade
• Antique finish
• 2CR13 stainless steel
• Ambidextrous grip
• Water- and rust-resistant

Items included:
1 Artisan Shears

2CR13 stainless steel

Trimming Shears: 8" x 3" x 0.5" | 0.40 lbs
Pruning Shears: 8" x 3.75" x 0.5" | 0.60 lbs

Trimming Shears: GDN-048
Pruning Shears: GDN-049

Wipe clean with water and dry. An occasional light coating of oil preserves the finish.

Q: Can I use alcohol to clean the blades?
A: Yes, you can safely clean the blades with standard rubbing alcohol.

Q: Can I store my shears outside for extended periods of time?
A: Garden tools are not meant to be stored outside for long periods of time. Extended exposure to wet conditions may cause rust and unnecessary wear and tear. We recommend storing your garden tools indoors after use to help them last as long as possible and to avoid the need to purchase a replacement.


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