All-In-One Cast Iron Skillet

$69.99 USD

Bold lines. Vintage polish. Premium performance. Meet the all-new All-In-One Cast Iron Skillet Collection. Inspired by Japanese cookware and thoughtfully designed for open fire use, this skillet is the deluxe cast iron pan you've been searching for. Included Dutch oven style lid, circular polished interior, better heat distribution, extended handle, and pure copper accents make this a dream to cook with--from camp to kitchen. Pre-seasoned with organic sunflower oil and ready to use right out of the box.

Note: Due to a thicker base than similar products, we recommend cooking “slow and low” to get to know your pan. Like all new skillets, sticking can occur and will decrease over time.

• Japanese-inspired design
• Polished finish on skillet cooking surface
• Included Dutch oven style lid
• Underlid can be used as additional cooking surface
• Pre-seasoned with organic sunflower oil
• Non-stick characteristics over time
• Copper accents
• Extended handle for easier handling and safety
• Ergonomic handle design
• Added hole in handle for hanging
• Thicker base distributes heat evenly
• Lighter weight than similar products

Items Included:
1 All-In-One Cast Iron Skillet
1 All-In-One Cast Iron Skillet Lid

Iron, steel

6" Skillet
Diameter top: 6"
Handle to handle: 11.75"
Handle length: 5.5"
Pour Spout Width: 6.25"
Depth: 1.5"
Weight: 2.125 lbs

6" Lid
Diameter: 6"
Cooking Surface: 5 1/8"
Pour Spout Width: 6.75"
Cooking surface Depth: 0.125"
Height: 0.75"
Weight: 1.875 lbs

10" Skillet
Diameter top: 10"
Handle to handle: 16.75"
Handle length: 6.5"
Pour Spout Width: 10.25"
Depth: 2"
Weight: 5.5 lbs

10" Lid
Diameter: 10"
Cooking Surface: 9"
Pour Spout Width: 11"
Cooking surface Depth: 0.125"
Height: 0.875"
Weight: 4.5 lbs

12" Skillet
Diameter top: 12"
Handle to handle: 18.75"
Handle length: 6.5"
Pour Spout Width: 12.25"
Depth: 2"
Weight: 7 lbs

12" Lid
Diameter: 12"
Cooking Surface: 11.125"
Pour Spout Width: 13"
Depth: Missing
Height: 1"
Weight: 6 lbs

Q: Do I need to season my cast iron before using it?
A: No, our cast iron is pre-seasoned and ready to use.

Q: Where is your cast iron made?
A: Our cast iron is designed in Salt Lake City, Utah, and manufactured by trusted facilities in China.

Q: Why are your products manufactured outside of the U.S.?
A: At the core of Barebones’ DNA is a commitment to help individuals and communities at the most human level - without hesitation and without borders. We espouse the same mindset when selecting the partners with whom we work. We choose to collaborate with organizations and craftsmen around the globe based on common goals and shared values, with the intention of supporting people both within our borders and worldwide.

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