Ridgetop Wood Folding Chair

$149.99 USD

Inspired by antique school and church folding chairs historically used indoors, this wooden folding chair is reimagined for outdoor use. Unique and portable, the Ridgetop is ideal for use as part of an urban patio set, in a backyard, camping/glamping, or as extra seating during a large dinner party. Hardwood birch, stainless steel, and copper details come together to create a seamless and natural aesthetic that blends into any outdoor scene. Sturdy and built to last, this chair folds down easily: store it when not in use or pack it in an RV or car. The Ridgetop Folding Chair is stained with a lovely natural honey color and finished with a weatherproof satin clear coat. Seat is slightly curved, smooth, and shaped for comfort. A unique camp and backyard accessory that’s quality enough to use indoors when extra room is needed.

*Packaging will arrive under the name Ridgeline instead of Ridgetop.

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