Sawyer Stay Put® System 1 SPF 30- 4 oz Bottle

$7.99 USD
This unique formula spreads the application into all layers of your skin including the deeper layers where other sunscreens do not go. The result is a much more comfortable feel and an application which is not as subject to surface skin activities such as rubbing, exposure to water or sweating, as other formulas. You stay cooler, preserve more energy and get longer lasting protection as your sweat passes around the sunscreens which have bonded to your various skin layers. All the protection in this PABA free lotion without the greasy feel.

1 4 oz bottle of Sawyer Stay Put® System 1 SPF-30

Full Description:
Stay outside all day with with our Stay-Put SPF 30 formula. Free of Avobenzone, Paraben, and Dimethicone, fragrance-free Stay-Put SPF 30 is enriched with aloe vera and vitamins to help your skin retain moisture. It's recommended for most uses, and a single application penetrates deep into your skin for all day sun protection.

Sawyer Stay-Put sunscreen is also engineered to be effective when combined with Sawyer Insect Repellents. While most sunscreens hold their lotions in the top two layers of skin, Sawyer Stay-Put SPF 30 sunscreen uses a special technology to bond the sun ray absorbing agents deeper into your skin, uniquely penetrating where other sunscreens simply can't reach. Sweat and water pass over the deeply absorbed compounds without flushing the protective sunscreen away. The Stay-Put® formula was engineered to spread the same volume of lotion over a larger cubic area of skin, requiring less lotion per area of skin and producing a more comfortable, breathable feel — all while providing great all-day protection. You'll hardly even know you have sunscreen on.

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