Stainless Steel Cleaning Mesh

$18.00 USD

Stainless steel cleaning mesh for use with cast iron skillets and dutch ovens. Textured surface helps to remove stuck-on food, grime, and oil from pans and excels at heavy-duty cleaning. Built to last through years of frequent use and won’t scratch or scar your cookware. Dishwasher safe. An essential cast iron cleaning tool!

Fine cleaning mesh is ideal for delicate, but precise scrubbing, while coarse cleaning mesh works to dislodge large chunks of food quickly and efficiently.

• Safely cleans cast iron
• 316 stainless steel
• Ring Size: Coarse - 10mm | Fine - 4mm
• Dishwasher safe

Items Included:
1 cleaning mesh


6” x 5.5” x .25"
0.20 lbs

9” x 7” x .25"
0.20 lbs

Occasionally run cleaning mesh through dishwasher to remove built up grime and oil.

Q: How do I use the stainless steel cleaning mesh?
A: Use your cleaning mesh to effectively clean cast iron without soap. Wet pan, and scrub in a circular motion until stuck-on food and oil is removed. Rinse with water.

Note: not recommended for cleaning delicate, softer materials such as wood.

Q: How do I properly clean and maintain my cleaning mesh?
A: Wash mesh with kitchen soap and water to remove built-up dirt and grime. Cleaning mesh can also safely be run through the dishwasher. Keep dry when not in use.

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